Monday, June 4, 2012

Lovely Letters

I have been collecting letters for several years now. I love the graphic punch a discarded letter from old signage can make in a room. I use the letters alone and in groups. I also love the impact that a carefully chosen word can have when used as art. Here are a few pictures that I found that portray my thoughts. 

Summer has settled-in around here. The echoes of "I'm bored!" Can be heard throughout our home. Yes, it is summer. My ingenious mom gave me a wonderful suggestion to out an end to the relentless whining; a chore jar. Whenever one of my adorable, yet overly dramatic and vocal offspring utters those two words, they can choose a chore from the chore jar. Yes, guess what I am doing tomorrow? I have some silver that needs polishing. 

 Letter in the loo

 Mantle art

 Large and in-charge - love the light fixtures, too!

 My favorite letter - K

 Love this small kitchen

 Sweet Pea has these pillows in her room - awesome

 I'm not one for wall decals but this is the perfect pop in this clean space

 How cool is this?

 My someday loft...

 Fantastic pink



photos via: Pinterest

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