Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How did this happen?

Weekend before last Sweet Pea and Mr. Pearl attended their annual Daddy/Daughter dance at our school. Both of them look forward to this evening and they always have a wonderful time. Daddy is still the apple of my girl's eye and she is adored by him. Just as it should be. Boys take note, you have some big shoes to fill! (truly okay by me, she doesn't need to date until she's thirty or so, right?) What I cannot figure out is, where did my little girl go? Who is this young lady standing by my husband? This year, there was no sweet, little dress in sight. Sweet Pea instead wore a cute little number with sequined sleeves and some absolutely fabulous and oh so chic ballet flats that were handed down from Aunt Holli. She didn't want to wear her "beginner" heels that were the shoe du jour not so long ago.

My baby girl is growing-up and I love the young lady that she is. But where did my little girl go? Sweet Pea does not like me to mention her on the blog, so I will catch some grief for this but it is helping me cope. Cope with the sadness that my Disney Princess loving little girl is now a tween and cope with the happiness of seeing glimpses of the wonderful woman that she is becoming. Sniff. Sniff. I am also writing this down to have something to look at on those days when she is a not so lovable teenager. Remembering this sweet thing may be what saves her!



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  1. She's so beautiful! Made me choke up a little thinking about my babies growing up. *sigh*