Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Gardening by Moonlight

I could get lost in this picture. The lush, cottage garden and peaceful porch are a summer dream. Wouldn't some cool lemonade taste devoon on that porch? Yes, but this is but a daydream, as the temperature is already a lovely 100+ and the ground is drier than dry and we are under water restrictions. Gardening at night is the only comfortable time these days. So, I will enjoy this pic for now. True, it is a lot less work and for that I am grateful, but someday... I think I love this so much because it reminds me of my great-grandmother's house. She had a green thumb and the most incredible peonies and wisteria I have ever seen. I really miss her. She would serve homemade, fried pies with her lemonade. She also had an enormous backyard with a large garden that was filled with fireflies on summer evenings. That is one of my "Mayberry" childhood memories. How about you all? Fireflies in a jar? Homemade ice cream? Fresh watermelon on the back porch? Go out and make some memories and if you need to "get your garden on", do it by moonlight.



picture: Cottage Living

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  1. Nice background music! Made me smile. That picture is breathtaking! Thanks for sharing it.