Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fun With Shells

Just in case you didn't get enough posts on shells last summer, I thought I would share yet another fun idea with you. I was in charge of Sweet Pea's class project for the school auction and decided that a shell mosaic cross would be a good project. I purchased the shells from Hobby Lobby, but this would be an excellent way to display your own treasures from the beach.
The kiddos came-up with the design, their creativity never ceases to amaze me. In most cases, the only thing that limited the design was gravity! I supervised the hot glue gun, but the kids did the rest! I did have to go and fill-in to make it look finished and I went over the entire cross with two coats of paint sealer to make it shine.
I finished the project by mounting the cross onto a cabinet door. I just happened to have one handy from the demo of our kitchen! I painted the door and glazed it. I mounted the cross with liquid nails. So far, so good. My friend that won the bidding hasn't called to say that it has fallen to pieces, so I'm calling it a success! Give this a try, it is fun. I am planning one for our home, as well.

Happy Shelling!


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  1. Ridiculously creative and beautiful. You have so much talent in that house! All we know how to do is eat, drink, and watch tv.