Monday, November 11, 2013

A Room Fit For A Tween

Howdy strangers! I have been busy lately, but haven't we all? One of my projects has been to put the finishing touches on Sweet Pea's room. Those of you with a middle school tween/almost teen girl will know how difficult a task it is to navigate minute by minute fluctuating hormones, daily middle school drama, the fact that as a mom of said tween/almost teen, I have absolutely zero taste or knowledge of what it is like to be a tween/almost teen girl and I don't understand anything (really?), and well, quite frankly, navigating through a mine field is easier than dealing with a girl this age, but I did it! Even more exciting, she is happy with the results and so am I. A miracle. Those of you without the pleasure and blessing of having a tween/almost teen girl in your home... count your blessings!

Sweet Pea and I made some compromises along the way. She really wanted some chevrons on her wall. So, momma painted her some chevrons. I thought they might be too much, but they work and I then got my way with the drapery fabric. I chose something more neutral than she wanted but I feel it will go with any changes made to her room in the future. The selection? A lovely beige linen with a pink and beige linen greek key trim, highlighted by a little green and white. So, drum roll please, Sweet Pea's room...

Before chevrons and curtains 

And after...

Happy Monday!


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