Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Decade of Sporty

Today is bittersweet for me. My "momma heart" is full of joy and sadness. Joy that I am celebrating the birth of an incredible kid, but sadness in the fact that this kid is my baby boy and he is turning ten;  double digits! I can't do anything to stop time and keep him as my snuggle boy! This is my baby! I will readily admit that I do "baby" my baby. "Hello, my name is Krissy, and I treat my youngest child like he is the youngest child." Go ahead, judge me. I love all three of my children, and turning ten was hard each time, but this is my baby! This is my child that wears his heart on his sleeve. He does everything with gusto: sports, school, playing and even getting hurt. He loves to laugh and does so often. It is contagious! He is compassionate about others. He fights to keep the peace in our home and cannot stand any discord. He is an authority on World War 2. He thinks he is an authority on most everything else, as well. He loves to play soccer and football. He still loves to play with trains and army men and doesn't care what others think! He asks for "snuggle movie nights" and he still hugs me in front of his friends. He has the craziest head of hair you have ever seen and he loves that it is different!

Happy 10th Birthday Sporty!

May this year bring you as much joy as you bring to the world!



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  1. Happy (belated) birthday, Sporty! Reed was just telling me today that he laughs all the time. ;^)