Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nothing Says Fall Like...

Nothing says fall like antlers in your decor. You know: sheds, mounts, horn thingies, antlers! My kiddos are fortunate in that we have some family property to take them to. It gives my city kids a chance to get in touch with their inner country side and go back to their roots. One of our favorite past times is to collect deer sheds. This serves a two-fold purpose. One, the sheds are pretty to use in decor. I have a wooden bread bowl full of them. Two, it is about safety. Sport has blown a tire on the Kubota by running over a shed. Those spikes hurt! Sheds are a completely humane way to get a little nature in your decor. No animals are harmed in the process! Mounts, the lovely, impressive, wall sized things, are a bit different. Guns may or may not be involved but the end result is never good for the animal. This concludes the educational part of this post. The rest, well, I will let you decide. I love the rustic, sculptural quality of antlers and the way they can dress up and down. 

So, antlers or no?

Happy Hunting!


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