Saturday, February 9, 2013

Daddy Daughter Dance

The annual Daddy/Daughter Dance was last night for Mr. Pearl and Sweet Pea. The two of them look forward to this special evening each year, and I do, too. I love the fact that to Sweet Pea, her daddy is Prince Charming and they have a very special bond. I hope this lasts for a long time. Like, for another thirty years or so. Maybe that will keep her heart from being broken by some young man! Okay, I don't really want that, but it might save a lot of heartache.

I love my sweet girl and the young lady she has become. She is practical and wise beyond her years. Back in December, we purchased a couple of dressy dresses. We had intended them to be worn at Christmas and then for this dance, but she has really had opportunities to wear them, and I thought that a new frock would be special and well received. Wrong! Sweet Pea felt that her dresses were great. Really? A middle school girl that does not want to shop for a new dress? Uh, I didn't know what to say.
So, I insisted that we go and look on Thursday after school. We had a quick errand at Target and then I was going on to the Mall. What does girlfriend do? Looks through the clothes at Target and comes to me as excited as if she was at Bergdorf's or Bendel's -"Look at this, Mom! It's perfect!" And you know what? It was. A few accessories and we were done!

Yesterday, the day of the dance,  was an afternoon like any other Friday afternoon. We arrived home from school and all the mini-pearls dispersed to their rooms. Sweet Pea started to get ready for her evening. This included fixing her own hair, as I make it too pouffy. She came to my room for a little makeup application. She doesn't normally wear any, but for special occasions. (Yes, I know the day is quickly approaching.) I helped her put her outfit together and put on the finishing touches. She was so cute, as she did not want her daddy to see her until she was completely ready. We then made the reveal in the living room....

Something was wrong. Where was my baby girl? And who was this young woman with my husband? Time is marching on way to fast. She doesn't need to stand on her daddy's feet to dance with him. She is starting to wear makeup and has opinions about everything. She is so poised and grown-up. I guess I have done something right, as she is pretty amazing. It has just happened so fast!

Happy Saturday!


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