Friday, January 11, 2013

A Belated Holiday Recap

Hello lovelies! Yes, I realize that we are already finished with the second week of January, but I never posted on our Christmas. Forgive me. The mini-pearls were back to school this week and I was back to work and now it is Friday. I know you can relate.
Our holiday break had a dark cloud over it, as my sweet Sport was sick with pneumonia and Fisherman had an respiratory infection. Not fun. Fisherman recovered after the first week and was able to get in some time in the outdoors with a buddy and all was right in his world. Sweet Pea complained a lot, as the sickness cramped her social schedule, but we had some dear friends stand in the gap and keep that girl busy; her favorite thing to be! So, our break was quiet and we stayed home more than we would like, but not all bad. I am happy to report that Sport has a small, lingering cough but he is doing much better and back at school!
Today, the temperature is supposed to be 70' and sunny, but turn 40' and nasty tomorrow. No wonder we are sick! It is hard to believe that with the beautiful morning outside my window. We had a cozy, cloudy, white Christmas. Just enough to make everything pretty and not mess-up the roads. We Texans love us some snow! So, here is Christmas 2012...

 Christmas Eve, Sweet Pea and I went alone to my Aunt's home and we all skipped church (first time EVER!). The boys all stayed home and slept, as they were not feeling well.

These are my 30 year old reindeer slippers. They have holes in the bottom and have seen their better days, but it's tradition! I love them! Oh, if they could talk! I got them when I was twelve and have worn them every Christmas since.

Love this of my girl and her daddy.

Look at this sweet, sick face. He really tried to rally. Presents make everyone feel better!

This is my baby brother, the fabulous Uncle G! He is an original and has the greatest sense of humor EVER! He makes you smile, just by 'being'. So, it was no surprise that he donned a new Christmas sweatshirt this year. Read it carefully and please don't be offended. Yes, we love Christmas Vacation and have many running family jokes around it. This was too funny!

 This is how Texans act in the snow; as if they have never seen it, because we haven't, at least not very often. Yes, my sick boys are wearing shorts, in the snow, without coats. Don't judge. I was lucky to get them in their Christmas shirts. They figured they would be inside all day and it would be stuffy, hence, the shorts. My male children spend a lot of time worrying about being too hot. Anyone else?

 Don't you love their Cowboy boots? Yes, that was to protect them from cold. (you may laugh)

It really was pretty. I have to share my favorite moment from the day: when the snow started, all sixteen of us were gathered in the family room opening presents. We burst into singing "White Christmas". The Mormon Tabernacle Choir we are not, but it was really neat.

Hope you all had a memorable holiday!
Here's to a happy and HEALTHY 2013!


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